WordPress / ClassicPress

The services on this page are related to the more general tasks on sites running WordPress or ClassicPress (the WordPress fork targeted at businesses).

Below I list a few examples to give you a better idea of these general WordPress services.

Plugins assessment

Some people love to install plugins for each and every type of additional functionality. And that is all fine, although sometimes prone to conflicts, especially when these type of plugins could easily be combined into one.

With the Plugins Assessment I will take a thorough look at all the plugins that have been installed and will give my advice on each and every one of them.

Help with specific function

If you have started tinkering with code yourself you will notice that it isn’t always smooth sailing and sometimes you spend hours and hours looking for a solution, without any useful results.

In such cases it would be great if you have someone experienced that can look over your shoulder and point you in the right direction or dive into the code for you to give you a working solution.

It actually can save you a lot of time too and I will always tell you what I did to solve your problem, so the next time it occurs, you know what to do!

Site Migration

To migrate a site, for example from staging to production, files need to be moved and more important, the database needs to be moved too. And once it has been moved, it is necessary to change certain strings in the database to make sure that the content is served from the new server instead of the old one.

Many people find Site Migration very intimidating and not something to get enthusiastic about.

Fortunately for you I am! I am more than happy to take care of the migration on your behalf, whether it is for your own site or the site of your client!

Clean up a hacked site

With WordPress powering more than 30% of the web, it has becomes a big target for hackers with bad intentions.

If your site becomes infected by malware or other kind of hacking, I can assist you to clean up the site and make it safe again.

Child theme development

Although for professionals it is something that we don’t even think about, it turns out that for the majority of people making a Child Theme is not common practice.

The problem with this is that if your theme receives an update you really only have two choices:
1) update and re-do everything you changed;
2) don’t update and miss out on all the new functionality that has been added to the theme, or worse: miss important security updates.

Neither is a situation you should find yourself in and this alone should be the drive for you to only work with Child Themes.

I can take care of this for you, so you can focus on your own site.

One on one training

If you are getting tired of watching endless Youtube videos to figure out relatively simple things, I offer one on one training sessions.

I can teach you a variety of different things, topics ranging from how to add new content to configuring caching to make a site load faster and from translating content with a translation plugin to doing complicated updates to the software running your site.

Sessions are typically booked as brackets of half an hour.

Custom plugin development

Of course I also use my skills as plugin developer for client projects and there are many websites running a bespoke plugin by BHI Localization for Websites.

I am available for hire for if you need a custom plugin or customize an existing plugin.

QA (for developers)

Naturally you have done your own Quality Assurance and maybe you have already shown the client the MVP. On top of that it can be very helpful to have a fresh pair of eyes look at the website you have been developing for your client.

Just send me your list of requirements on what the code is supposed to be doing and how and I will include that in my full Quality Assurance for Developers.