Website Projects

Although nowadays I am hired more for my expertise with Localization/WPML and Site Optimization, I still try to do a few Website Projects.

I am proud to delivering bespoke work and I can work with your designer or outsource the design work to one of the people I work with.

Doing bespoke work means that if I have the freedom I build a site from the ground up, adding only functionality that is needed for your specific project. In my opinion that is a much better approach than having to “dress down” an existing multi-purpose theme that always offers more than you need if only to be attractive for an as large as possible market.

Page builder software has become very popular over the years and although if given the choice I wouldn’t work with it, if it has your preference I can work with Elementor, probably one of the most popular page building plugins today.

So if you’re looking to revamping your current website or you have a new project that warrants its own presence on the global web, hire me to help you realize that goal!

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