BHI Localization for Websites offers various services that are geared towards the better functioning of your website or that of your clients.

The main services are Localization with WPML and Optimization.

My preferred plugin for Localization is WPML as I have been working with it since its inception early 2009. I have been one of the official WPML Contractors since 2011, so you can imagine that there isn’t an issue that I haven’t seen!

In general Optimization is making sure that a page only loads what is necessary. And if you think in terms of Localization, then you will understand that the two are actually very closely related! After all, on a web-page aimed at visitors from Japan, it is not necessary to load a Latin based font.

Next to WPML there are many other plugins that sites can use to add functionality or enhance the experience for their visitors. Two of the most popular ones are Advanced Custom Fields (ACF in short) and WooCommerce and it is exactly those two plugins that I also offer services for, whether or not used in combination with WPML.

Naturally I can also assist you with general issues with WordPress or ClassicPress.

When I started out in 2006, I was actively developing websites and although Localization Services are now the main focus of my business, I still try to do a few website development projects, be it for a brand-new website or a redevelopment of an existing site.

Last but not least I have a Website Care Plan in place for clients.

If you have any questions or are looking for something and not sure if I can do it, then please send me a quick message; I usually reply within a few hours.