Over the past years I have been working on some larger scale Localization Projects for corporate clients and Fortune 500 companies.

These kind of projects can easily last several months as often a lot of different departments are involved.

Sometimes I am brought in in the middle of the project, other times my expertise is requested right at the beginning of the Localization Project, which of course is much better for everyone as I can then advise and inform the client on the pros and cons of each different option in the global strategy.

Below I have highlighted some of the more interesting projects I have worked on over the past years.

Instead of working on issues remotely, the client invited us to come to the Boston (USA) office to work on location.

It was exciting to work on a project this size, because the work involved so much more than just fixing issues.

This project was for one of the bigger corporate clients we worked for and the project lasted for a good five months.

From WPML Assessment to complete site makeover with a bold redesign. A fully functioning website with a minimum amount of plugins and suitable for all devices.

For this project we developed a main marketing website in English and country specific sites with localized content in languages such as Malagasy and Chichewa.