Migration from qTranslate to WPML

An international transport company approached me to assist them with a migration of their website from qTranslate to WPML.

As I have done quite a few of those migrations in the past, I happily accepted the job request.

During the migration we discovered a few more things that could be improved. For example the theme the site was using was not compatible with WPML and as the client already was using Elementor, I suggested to change the theme to a child theme of Hello Elementor.

Furthermore we discovered that the WPML migration tool does not work with Elementor, which of course would be disastrous for huge websites. Most likely the cause is that Elementor writes content to the database in a different way than the “regular” WordPress way.
Fortunately this particular site was not very large and with my experience a manual migration works almost as fast as an automatic one, and definitely is more precise.

I’m so happy I found such a great professional like you! :)

After completing the project, the client was so happy with my services that they enrolled in the Website Care Plan that I offer to new and existing clients.