Chinese translation review

The other day I received an enquiry via my website from a company active in the horticulture industry that was looking for someone who could do a Chinese translation review.

The site content was auto translated with WPML from English to Simplified Chinese.

After having worked and lived in China for 16 years, I am obviously not a translator and never have I pretended to be one, but I do speak the language up to a certain level and I can definitely assess whether a translation to Chinese makes sense at all or not.

Also given the fact that Bing is a superior translation engine when it comes to translating to and from Simplified Chinese (Mandarin), it could safely be expected that the translations done with DeepL or Google Translate could be improved, especially the more technical ones.

Unfortunately it is not (yet) possible in WPML to select different translation engines for different languages.

And indeed, during the Chinese translation review I came across more than a few translations that could be greatly improved. DeepL has a tendency to leave out entire words, which makes sentences non-sensical, or completely alter words.

I have also noticed that when I have to write something in Portuguese, the DeepL app seems to have a very limited vocabulary, especially when it comes to adjectives.

The site was fairly small and it was a very nice alternative way to use my skills in a different way than the usual more technical work I do.

After receiving my Record of work document, the client expressed their appreciation:

I have reviewed the document and must congratulate you, it is truly professional and accurate.

This might very well be the start of a new service I can offer: Chinese translation reviews, as well as Dutch translation reviews and even German and Portuguese translation reviews.