Addition of Dutch language to BHI Localization for Websites

Recently I added Dutch to the site, of course with WPML, and translated part of the site in that language.

I have translated all pages except the Projects and the Updates pages and their resp. content in Dutch and they can be visited under the Dutch folder:

The reason why I have done that now and not a long time ago already basically has to do with a few factors, one of them definitely being laziness I have to admit :)

The thing is that all Dutch people’s English is excellent and I have worked with many Dutch people in English. Also all my reports and records of work are and will always remain in English, simply because I do not want the extra work on translating that all into Dutch, even if that’s my mother tongue.

And while being a WPML Contractor of the very first hour does not necessarily mean that my own site needs to be multilingual, but it certainly does not hurt either.

So if you understand Dutch, then I welcome you to visit the Dutch part of my site!