When promoting Site Optimization it probably is a good idea to at the very least try and make this website as optimized as possible, a showcase of what is possible.

I have chosen to use system fonts only, so whether you’re on macOS, iOS, Windows or Android, you will always see the site in fonts that are native to your operating system.

The site uses 5 SVG icons that I pulled from the Font Awesome 4.7 library and simply adjusted the colors for; that beats having to load an additional (FA4.7) or external (FA 5.x) script filled with hundreds of icons that are never used.

The site is built on top of Bulmapress, which is a starter-theme based on Underscores and the Bulma CSS framework; the previous iteration of the website was also using Bulma.

Unlike for example Bootstrap or Foundation, Bulma is a CSS framework only, no jQuery, no javascript. This site loads jQuery only where absolutely necessary: the project and contact pages.

Some of the images that are used on the site are pulled from Unsplash:
– l10n, Oia, Greece photo by Hello Lightbulb
– o10n, Sensō-ji, Taito, Japan photo by freddie marriage