The activities of BHI Localization for Websites focus on Localization and Optimization for mostly Corporate clients.


Back in 2006 when it all started and we operated from Beijing in the People’s Republic of China, we did so under the name Senlin Online. Early 2015 we decided on a rebranding and we became SO WP. A little more than a year later we relocated halfway across the world to Faial, the beautiful “blue island” of the Azores, a Portuguese archipelago in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. It was there that we became a Ltd. company and started operating under the name BHI. After two years we moved to Portugal’s capital.


Since January 2020 we reverted to freelancer status as that works out better for fiscal reasons in Portugal and we currently operate under the name BHI Localization for Websites.

Our business address is:
Praça São João Bosco 3
1350-295 Lisboa
EU VAT: PT287943267

The SO WP name and site also still exists and we use it as the home of our free WordPress and ClassicPress plugins.