The activities of BHI Localization for Websites focus on Localization and Optimization for mostly Corporate clients.


Back in 2006 when it all started and I operated from Beijing in the People’s Republic of China, I did so under the name Senlin Online. Early 2015 I decided on a rebranding and became SO WP. A little more than a year later I relocated halfway across the world to Faial, the beautiful “blue island” of the Azores, a Portuguese archipelago in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. It was there that I became an Ltd. company and started operating under the name BHI. After two years I moved to Portugal’s capital.


Since January 2020 I reverted to freelancer status as that works out better for fiscal reasons in Portugal and I currently operate under the name BHI Localization for Websites.

My business address is:
Rua Adelino Amaro da Costa 9
2770-002 Paço de Arcos
EU VAT: PT287943267

The SO WP name and site also still exists and I use it as the home of my free WordPress and ClassicPress plugins.